Buyer qualifications

1. Credit score – 675+. Credit report required.

2. Two months bank statements showing:

A. Enough money for closing costs.

B. Enough for holding costs (6+ months.)

C. Enough for repairs.

3. Down payment – minimum 10%. Subject to credit & purchase price.

4. Background search required – criminal, financial, etc.

Loan product

1. Maximum of 65% ARV (after repaired value.) If buying more than 60% in this market, be careful.

2. One year interest only balloon.

3. Interest rate: Starting at 13% + 3 points.

4. Repair money is available on some properties.

Property qualifications

1. Must be a 3/2 or greater.

2. Investment property only. NO owner occupied properties.

3. CBS construction only. No frame.

4. 1200 sq. ft. (under air) or greater.

5. Multi family properties must be supported by rental income.

6. No "WAR zones."

7. No heavy duty rehabs (more than $20,000 work needed.)

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